I have had the extreme good fortune and pleasure of working with some very unique and talented individuals over the years, below is what they have to say about working with me on their web projects. If you have a testimonial for me, feel free to shoot me an email or use the below contact form to reach out.

Reliable and knowledgeable. Good with people.

Larry Newman CEO at Children's Music Workshop WordPress Website Updates

Suzette has produced great results designing my website, with attention to detail and timely updates.

Bob Lizarraga Artist at The House of Lizarraga Website Design, Setup and Updates

Hope Egan

Suzette is a talented, artistic, highly skilled web designer who listens to the needs of her clients and implements their (sometimes vague!) ideas into responsive, polished web designs. She is a person of enormous integrity who communicates well and often, making the client feel that their concerns and ideas are being evaluated and valued. It was a joy to work with someone who made the process so simple!

Hope Egan E-Discovery Attorney Website Design and Setup


Suzette Franck is very responsive, thorough, and a delight to work with. She was at the top of the list of referrals for my website updates. I called her on a Monday, described what I needed, asked if she could start the work that week, and she was able to do so. In a matter of hours we had a contract and she delivered a detailed review of the work required on my three websites. She had the work completed by the end of the week, a testament to her expertise and commitment to her clients. She helped me understand what I needed to, and I trusted her to do the rest. I look forward to working again with Suzette!

Julie Diebolt Price JDP Photography WordPress Website Tune-up and Updates

Miguel Perez

As a Customer Support manager at Media Temple I had the great pleasure of overseeing Suzette's activities and guiding her to the completion of various projects. She is highly recommended.

Miguel Perez Customer Service Director and Actor WordPress Evangelist at Media Temple for 2 years

I hired Suzette to help out with some design and development work on a few WordPress sites. She did a fantastic job and was a great communicator, letting me know the status of projects and alerting me if there were any issues that I needed to be aware of. She was also fantastic at training the client's staff to use their new website - very patient and thorough.

Natalie MacLees Founder + Principal at Purple Pen Productions WordPress Website Design and Development

Greg Douglas

As a developer and funnel builder Suzette displayed great aptitude and speed to complete the required tasks.

Greg Douglas CEO at Premium Interactive Funnel Building, Mailchimp, Schedule Once Configuration

Rick Galiher

Suzette is wonderfully proactive and really knows her stuff. She designed my website and has helped me on a number of projects. I recommend her highly.

Rick Galiher Actor and Model Website Setup and Configuration, Video Editing

Suzette is efficient, prompt, always reliable, and gives outstanding support. She amazed me by the way she retrieved a dormant and, what I had feared was inaccessible, website and brought it live with verve and professionalism. I've been delighted to work with Suzette and am very grateful to her for her patient and calming manner.

Judith Koffler Higher Education Consultant Website Design, Migration and Setup

David MacDowell

Suzette has helped me design and smoothly run my website. A great professional, she performed in a timely and friendly manner. I'll hire her again!

David MacDowell Owner at MacDowell Studio WordPress eCommerce Site

Michael Watson

Suzette shows that she is a valuable asset to any Web Developement team because she is connected, dedicated, motivated, and always learning. Where I have really witnessed Suzette grow at my time at Kussner is how connected and involved she is within the WordPress Community. Her dedication in interacting with fellow developers, teaching new developers, and collaborating with co-workers shows her passion to increase the WordPress Community's value. Over the years she has aquired a vast knowledge of WordPress and Web Development Standards. She is constantly learning and growing following the lastest trends. It has been a pleasure working with Suzette.

Michael Watson Lead WordPress Developer and System Architect Colleague at Kussner

Suzette is amazing and always on point and on time.

Andrew Hosner Owner at Thinkspace Gallery Website Setup, Design and Maintenance for 10 years

Alex J. Vasquez

Suzette is a capable developer and designer. I recommend her highly and actively work with her now.

DigiSavvy, Inc Principal at DigiSavvy, Inc WordPress Website Maintenance and Updates

Van Ness Recovery House Logo

I am more than gratified to support and recommend Suzette Franck. She is wonderfully talented and will be great employee for the employer that goes her-I have known Suzette Franck for over 25 years and have witnessed amazing determination and strength.

Kathy Watt Executive Director at Van Ness Recovery House Design and Setup website

Craig "Skibs" Barker

Suzette has done all design and coding for my website. She has a great attention to detail and excellent knowledge of web design. She listens to all ideas and always has useful design input to add. I will continue to use her for all web design projects in the future.

Craig "Skibs" Barker Art Director at Epicuren Discovery WordPress Website Design and Configuration