What? Another WordPress Update?!

Do you loathe having to performing WordPress updates? Are you afraid to break something when you hit the “Update” button?  Is the suspense unbearable? Do you get really stressed out by it?

Maybe you don’t do updates at all, taking your chances with the digital lottery, crossing your fingers and hoping nothing bad will happen to your site.

Perhaps you are a developer or designer who supports a number of websites that need updates, but you have no protocol for accomplishing regular maintenance, leaving your clients in a precarious vulnerable position.

The Number One Reason That Websites Are Hacked….

…is because they contain outdated software that may allow hackers secret access to your site. Most hackers are not targeting you and your business specifically, they are trying to gain the resources of your web server to do their dirty work.

Luckily, there is no reason to fall victim to website defacing and destruction due to laziness and fear of updating WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates on a regular basis, as I can take care of all updates and make sure everything’s running smoothly!

Allow me to handle your WordPress website maintenance and updates and worry no longer!


Suzette Franck is very responsive, thorough, and a delight to work with. She was at the top of the list of referrals for my website updates. I called her on a Monday, described what I needed, asked if she could start the work that week, and she was able to do so. In a matter of hours we had a contract and she delivered a detailed review of the work required on my three websites. She had the work completed by the end of the week, a testament to her expertise and commitment to her clients. She helped me understand what I needed to, and I trusted her to do the rest. I look forward to working again with Suzette!

Julie Diebolt Price JDP Photography WordPress Website Tune-up and Updates